Red Bluff Prarie Hunting Club - Garwood, TX

Quality Texas Duck and Goose Hunting

Hunt the prairie where traditional Texas waterfowling had its beginning. Red Bluff Prairie managed properties winter thousands of waterfowl each year. Numerous species of puddle ducks, and the occasional diver, along with large flocks of Snows, Blues, Whitefronts, and Canadas migrate here to spend the winter months.

Birds in Flight Duck in Flight

Hunt of a Lifetime

Red Bluff Prairie offers coastal prairie duck hunting on ponds and flooded fields. Pintail, teal, gadwall, widgeon and other puddle ducks wintering on the Texas Coast flock to these managed areas offering consistent, quality hunting.

Above ground blinds are located on each of these ponds and fields. They vary in size from 24' to 32' in length. Each blind contains a bench for comfort and a top for concealment from birds overhead.

We also take advantage of the huge concentrations of wintering geese that visit the area by deploying large "white spreads" in harvested rice, soybean, plowed, and fallow fields. White spread hunting for geese was developed by Marvin Tyler and Jimmy Reel during the 1950's and is still the method of choice for Texas goose hunts. Although the equipment has changed from cloth rags to commercial wind-socks, the concept pioneered by these waterfowling legends remains unchanged.

Our Promise

We do everything in our power to give you the hunt of a lifetime each time you hunt with us. Our repeat business attests to our commitment to meeting your needs.